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Let’s Get Ready to Rumble! sound #trademark

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Let’s Get Ready to Rumble LLC has filed a trademark application for the sound of Michael Buffer’s famous phrase “Let’s get ready to rumble!”  The mark as filed:

The applied-for services are:

Advertising and promoting the goods and services of others rendered by live announcements and via pre-recorded audio, video and electronic media, namely, radio, television, motion picture films, motion picture trailers, videotapes, CD’s, the global computer network, computer software and other electronic disks, namely, laser, CD-ROM, and DVD, at or in connection or association with sporting, entertainment and cultural events

The USPTO is ready to rumble – a recent Office Action has rejected the specimens proving use of the sound mark.  In particular, the Office contends that the specimens show use of the sound mark in connection with entertainment in the nature of a live announcer for sporting events, in International Class 41, rather than with advertising and promotion of goods and services, in International Class 35.  The specimen:

According to Wikipedia, Mr. Buffer has Buffer uses his famous phrase in various licensing deals including music albums, video games, and commercials.


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