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The New AT&T sound mark

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Faster is Better.  Within 1 day of filing (on a Saturday no less), the USPTO approved AT&T’s Statement of Use  in its application for the newer sound of AT&T.  The sound is:

The mark is in the key of G-major, and begins with a synthesized bell sound playing a D4 dotted quarter note, followed by a D5 eighth note that is tied to a D5 quarter note, then an E5 quarter note that is tied to an E5 eighth note, and finally a B4 quarter note. The synthesized bell is played in a stocatto manner. As the sound begins, synthesized strings playing a G5 chord slowly fade in, and last the duration. A snap sound occurs at the same moment the final B4 quarter note is played, and is preceded by the sound of a short reverse echo of the snap.

The specimen submitted was this familiar TV ad:

Someone must have strapped a cheetah to the PTO’s back, or something like that.


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